A cleaner world, is a shared resposibility.

Sustainable fashion

In 2022 the apparel we wear is defined by a few new terms including slow fashion, responsible fashion and sustainable fashion

These new terms are supporting our environment.

But as consumers we need to understand taking care of our environment is a shared responsibility

It's great to support brands that promote these terms and are part of this important change across the apparel industry. But when you are choosing to purchase a new product it's important to ask some important questions. Why are you purchasing this product? And when it comes to apparel. How many times will you wear it?

According to Levi Denim, in Australia about 55% of our wardrophe is worn just regularly and of all the new clothes purchased about 10% is only worn once, or doesn’t end up being worn at all.

However, collectively if we wear our clothes twice as long, we can reduce our environmental impact by 44 percent.

We must remember a cleaner world is a shared responsibility with businesses and the consumer

So choose brands with a sustainable purpose.

The ripple effect starts with you.