The 2Hour Community Clean


Images above are from the 2Hour Community Clean Saturday 9th February 2019

Join the next 2Hour Community Clean

Meet: Cabarita Ferry Wharf, Cabarita, Sydney

We'll spend quality time cleaning the Parramatta River foreshore by the Cabarita wharf.

When: TBC OCTOBER 2019

Time: 8:30am - 10:30am 

What to wear: Hat, Long Sleeve top, shorts, socks, protective shoes, gloves, sun screen

* rubbish bags for collecting rubbish and recycled materials will be provided.

February 9th 2019

An incredible morning along the Cabaritta foreshore. Locals were out walking, rowing competition was in full force along the river and the 2nd 2Hour Community Clean was all go. Thanks to Juéta from Canda Bay Coucil and members from Friends of Cabarita Park and Wharf for joining us. Read more in our blog HERE

December 8th 2018

Cabaritta, Sydney offers some of the finest foreshore along the Parramatta River. So it made sense to have the first 2Hour Community Clean here. The weather was magic with perfect conditions. Thanks to Jo from Our Living River for joining us. 

We spent time cleaning Cabaritta Beach and its surroundings. The rubbish along the beach was varied. Cigarette butts and straws were by far the most consistent. However we did manage to clean up fishing lines, fishing hooks, rubber balloons and an abundance of large and micro pieces of plastics. 


So why the 2Hour Community Clean? 

The 2Hour Community Clean is all about protecting and creating more of what's important to you.

Your health, your community, the environment and your time. 

Much like you, we at tscudo appreciate the natural beauty of Sydney as much as any local, or tourist for that matter.

Living in the inner west of Sydney it was a run on the Kokoda Memorial Track along the Parramatta River, I was shocked at the rubbish scattered along the foreshore during low tide.

In this day and age, in this city, it's simply not acceptable. 

So the 2Hour Community Clean was born and it's simple.

It's about getting outside, getting to know your community, your neighbours and cleaning your local environment.

It's two hours, 120 minutes of your time and if you didn't think you had time remember you have the power to create it. 

Look forward to seeing you there. 

For more information please contact Simon at tscudo 0431 710 343.