Our Journey

How long does it take to get your skin checked. About as long as this message.

Every journey starts somewhere.

For tscudo, it started with me, Simon the founder of tscudo and a simple reminder. A reminder from my wife to get my skin checked. There was a spot, let’s call it ‘that’ spot on my back that looked dark and out of character. A long awaited skin check up was made (nine years since the last) with my local GP / skin specialists.

It was a routine skin check until my GP stopped at ‘that’ spot. It didn’t look right, and a biopsy was taken right then and there.

One week later I was back at my GP for the results of ‘that’ spot. It wasn’t good. Stage 1 melanoma. A real shock and way too close to a darker side of life than I expected.

Another appointment with my GP was set one week later to cut ‘that’ spot out. A simple procedure ending with a new scar, followed by an another anxious one week wait. The results. Well they were clear and fortunately I was clear of any further stages of melanoma.

So tscudo was born. A new sustainable shield against the elements. A chance to assist in the prevention of skin damage and educate others on the importance to cover up when outside as well as in the water and at the same time highlight the importance to recycle.

So if you value your skin and making sure those used plastic bottles are being placed in the correct bin, I welcome you to the tscudo journey. tscudo looks forward to being part of yours.

tscudo meaning

So why the name tscudo and why the turtle logo?

The sea turtle has existed for over 100 million years. It's a species that has sustained itself by remaining relevant to it's environment.

It's shell providing a constant shield against the elements within it's world.

The turtle doesn't necessarily try to change the world around it but it seems to patiently and effortlessly trust the process and by doing so leaves its legacy. Although it moves at a slower pace it continuously moves forward building momentum.

The turtle therefore is the perfect choice to represent tscudo.

And the meaning behind tscudo. Well 'Scudo' in Italian translates in English as Shield. With the core style behind the brand the long sleeve tee, adding the T in front of Scudo seemed a great choice and a perfect play on words.

We hope the tscudo tshell provides a versatile shield against the elements in your world. So trust the process, keep moving forward building momentum. Thanks for being part of the tscudo journey. We look forward to being part of yours.