How we can start to reduce textile waste


 Australians throw-away around 6,000kg of textiles every 10 minutes.

 That amounts to 675,000t annually.

 This is the result of decades of conditioning through business growth and of course consumers need for new clothes.

But as our focus towards a circular economy grows the positive shift around textile waste is changing and it’s up to both brands and the consumer to share the responsibility.

So what are four ways we can change and reduce.

1. Support brands operating with sustainable supply chains and using quality recycled materials.

2. Purchase clothes with longevity and quality mind and simply wear clothes longer.

3. Support upcycle enterprises so the fabric is given new life in the circular economy.

4. Support resale networks in your community or donate to charity before throwing apparel out.

So choose brands with a sustainable purpose.

The ripple effect starts with you.