Is recycled polyester good for the environment ?



Recycled polyester is not new to the textile industry. In fact the process of turning a plastic bottle into fabric has been around since the early 90’s.

But fast forward to 2021 this is a world driven by sustainability and a circular loop economy.

 We are now far more conscious about our waste especially plastic therefore recycled polyester is more relevant than ever

So what are some  benefits of recycled polyester (also known as rPET) and is it good for the environment ?

Well yes, it has a significant positive impact. Here are four reasons why!

1.      There is no dependency on oil. Unlike virgin polyester oil is not needed to produce recycled polyester

2.      During the production of recycled polyester, 90% less water is required compared to the production of virgin polyester

3.      Up to 53% less energy is required compared to the production of virgin polyester

4.      The production of recycled polyester keeps plastic bottles out of landfill

So choose brands with a sustainable purpose.

The ripple effect starts with you. 



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