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The journey really does matter. It’s hard to know what’s ahead for each of us. I guess we rely on our vision and our decisions. But what’s exciting is that the small things we do today, what we learn and act on day by day can play a huge part in the dreams and incredible achievements we strive for in the future.

I’d like to introduce you to Scott. His journey quite literally reached new heights this year. He’s 57, a father of two great boys and this year he set out to climb the highest mountain on earth - Mt Everest. Trekking through the famous Khumbu Valley towards Everest Base Camp (EBC) where he spent 6 weeks preparing and setting out for the summit of Mt Everest with IMG (International Mountain Guides) who are one of the most recognised climbing organisations in the world. 

Born in Bondi Sydney he grew up in England with a passion for the outdoors and mountains.  Learning to climb amongst the peaks of Berthesda in Wales and Aviemore in Scotland this passion for the mountains would take him to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world located in Bolivia and Peru in Sth America, the ranges of New Zealand and the Himalaya in Nepal.

Three years ago, Scott and his sons visited Nepal on a trekking adventure to EBC. Here he was given his first view of Mt Everest. As these mountains do to many, this trip would leave a lasting impression on Scott as well as a life changing question. Are you ready to climb Mt Everest Scott? 

So fast forward to April 2018 his journey continued in the most incredible way possible. The first pic at top of article  is Scott above Namche Bazzaar at 3440m the largest village in the Khumbu area on route to EBC proudly in tscudo.

The second pic at top of article is Scott at Camp 2 at an altitude of 6500m in fine form wearing his Tshell. Seems the light weight tscudo top was valuable in blocking harmful UV rays at altitude on the highest mountain in the world.

Of course, the preparation for a trip like this takes dedication, training both physically and mentally on the highest of human levels as well plenty of support from loved ones.

At tscudo we believe the journey is about Gratitude, Momentum and Legacy and Scott is putting all this into play in the finest way possible.

More on Scotts story soon.

This week, what vision is inspiring your decisions?