This month I had my skin checked by my local skin specialists. My skin is looking good. And so, it seems for many of us we’ve all been getting better at looking after our skin.

After questioning my specialists on the detection of skin cancers the rate of skin cancers in Australia is on the decline. 

The past 30 years has seen Australians taking a lot more precautions than earlier generations when it comes to looking after our skin and health whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Sun protective apparel is a must, with fabrics, much like tscudos tshell, designed specifically to target sun protection and at the same time provide comfort. Sunscreen is never an arm’s length away in summer and we’re conscious about the time we are spending in direct sun especially during the middle of the day, choosing to spend more time in the shade.

What is interesting, as my specialists explained, is vitamin D deficiency is actually on the rise. Of course, the best source of vitamin D comes directly from the sun.

A lack of vitamin D (or poor vitamin D absorption) can lead to all kinds of health issues. Fatigue and tiredness, bone and back pain, depression, muscle pain.

Now I’m not saying rip off your sun protective clothing, ditch the sun screen and run to the beach. It’s important to protect your skin and wear sun protective apparel when outside. But be conscious about the sun exposure you’re receiving and get outside when required. It's all about balance. Just 10 to 25 min of direct sunlight either in the morning and/or afternoon each day can boost vitamin D levels.

Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels is simple, easy and can have big benefits for your health but continue to stay sun safe.