Lids 4 Kids


The success of Lids4Kids is a true testament to founder Tim Miller and its volunteers and supporters across Australia for their dedication and passion.

Starting in 2019, Lids4Kids is an initiative to rescue and collect plastic lids before they end up in landfill. The lids are then donated to create prosthetics for child amputees. Incredible!

The charity began with a little green bin at a local Canberra library with several dozen lids donated in the first few days. This year Lids4Kids is expected to receive between 30 and 50 million lids.

In an exciting development, the Australian National University is now on board with their own plastic recycling equipment.

All money raised is for a granulator, which shreds all the plastic down to about to the size of a grain of rice which can then be melted and put into moulds.

This plastic can now be turned into a range of things whether it be school supplies, playground equipment or park benches.

tscudo recently had the opportunity to dress Lids4Kids and its volunteers during the Aussie Peace Walk in Canberra.

You can follow Lids 4 Kids on Facebook HERE

Look forward to following the journey of this wonderful cause.