The concept of a Father’s Day as we know it has been around since 1910. It’s far more than just a spike in annual sock sales. It’s a special day for the family. The chance for mums and kids to thank dad for all the dad jokes, for the love, for the support and for basically being an all-round hero.
As a father of two girls it’s also a special day for me and every other dad to reflect on what being a Dad and life is all about. Being a father is one of the greatest rewards of all and a chance to create and leave a legacy.


Firstly, being a father doesn’t always mean your children are defined by blood. A father may not even have kids. Being a father may be through circumstance but you share the same responsibility and play an important role in someone's life.

Now leaving a legacy doesn’t mean you need to don a loin cloth and travel the country, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must find a cure or invent a new wheel. If you do, that’s amazing, but a Dad's legacy is far bigger than that.

Father’s Day is a chance for dad to reflect on what he does and is doing in this life for his family, to reflect on his role as a leader, a mentor and part time funny guy, a modern day adventure guide for his children.

 A father’s legacy is providing, it’s pushing his kids in their development, it’s showing them vulnerability, it’s expressing love and setting an expectation on how to give and receive love. Carrying them on his shoulders when his spine says no. It’s sharing one on one time, the final push on the bike as his kids balance on two wheels for the first time, those words of wisdom that calms their soul as they head off to bed.

Fathers Day is time to reflect on it all. Being a dad is a unique blessing. A legacy that breaths from the actions and the love shared with our kids that will be mirrored by our children and then their children and so on.

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