Take a closer look at this stunning image by Amaury Treguer.
The setting is Bondi Icebergs, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. A swimmer sets off for their winter morning swim. It’s not warm either, water temperatures in August tend to bite.  It’s a simple scene yet represents so much about life.

Only 30 seconds before this image was captured, the pool was completely still, no motion, no activity and the water in the pool would have simply stayed this way. It was only when the swimmer stepped in, pushed off the wall and began their morning motions the ripples and momentum began.

Is your world feeling a little motionless?

Until you start moving, until you act with purpose, life will always stay as it is.  

Every action, whether it’s positive or negative, sets off a ripple effect, a chain of events that make a big difference in the long run to your life and the people around you.

That plastic bottle you place in the recycling bin that ends up getting new life as an outdoor sun top, a good business idea executed perfectly transforms a startup and ignites an industry, a donation that drives a charity event and feeds someone in need, your sunrise swim that inspires a passer by to reignite their health goals.

The ripple effect on even the smallest of things can be extraordinary.

Great things are born from the humblest beginnings. If you’re waiting for that motivation, you’ll find it waiting silently in your actions.

So if life seems motionless. Maybe it’s time you pushed off that wall, maybe it’s time to build some momentum. You too can set off a ripple effect. You can make a difference for yourself, for that passer by and who knows you may even make a difference for humanity.

The ripple effect starts with you.

To see more images from Amaury take a look at his inspiring feed on Instagram @morningbondi