What is a sustainable fabric?

Sustainable fabrics

With small adjustments we can make big improvements for the environment

Choosing to buy brands using sustainable fabrics is one of those small adjustments.  

So what is a sustainable fabric ?

Sustainable fabrics are made from natural or recycled materials.

These fabrics aim to reduce the overall environmental impact.

A brand that is using sustainable textiles is also implying a sustainably managed production and supply chain process is behind the brand.

So what are three eco fabrics worth wearing

1.    Recycled Polyester

  •        Made from recycled plastic bottles that have been broken down and        turned into yarn.
  •        This fabric keeps plastic bottles out of landfill.
  •        It’s far less harmful than virgin polyester
  1. Recycled Cotton
  •        Is made from industry fabric scrap or recycled cotton garments.
  •        Recycled cotton helps prevent fashion waste from ending up in            landfill.
  1. Wool
  •       Wool is incredibly insulating
  •       It doesn't shed plastic microfibers.
  •       If it ends up in landfill it will naturally breakdown after around 6 months

Choose brands with a sustainable purpose.

 The ripple effect starts with you.