Australian Made

Before the mid 1980’s most clothing sold in Australia was actually made in Australia.

But in 1988 the government of the time lifted tariffs and quotas on apparel that was made off shore and imported into Australia

This change devastated the textile industry and its workforce.

But, could our view on imports and locally made apparel be changing?

Here are three reasons why buying from brands producing locally is good for all of us.

  1. You are supporting the Australian economy.

When you buy Australian made clothing. You’re not only supporting the local industry and employment opportunities. You’re also supporting your local community and supporting economic growth

  1. Australian made means less carbon footprint.

These days a piece of clothing can do more travel than most humans. And that’s before it’s even purchased. When you buy Australian made, you are reducing the impact your clothes have on the environment.

  1. Australian made often means higher ethically standards.

Some countries that manufacturer apparel have limited to no regulations on working conditions. Factory workers often risk their health and face abuse with limited legal support. Australia has strict standards for working environments which protect the health and safety of the workers.

So choose brands with a sustainable purpose.

The ripple effect starts with you.